This is my money tree. I received it in 7th grade from my superstitious aunt who told me that if I could make it grow, it would be luck and rich. At first glance, the tree was dying. It had a few yellowing leaves and a small trunk that could snap at any moment. 

Today, it has flowers and fruits, and its roots go deep into the ground. So deep you can’t even dig it up. I don’t feel a penny richer. I’m guessing money doesn’t grow on trees.

You can’t sit around and just depend luck to make yourself successful. You have to put in a lot of energy. Everyone’s definition of success differs, but whatever it is, it won’t be coming to you. You have to reach out your arms as far as you can to grasp your success.

If you don’t reach your idea of success despite investing all of your energy towards your goal, everything still moves on. Find a different path towards your goal. No one says that there is only one path you can take. I put my energy into this plant for over 5 years before seeing its flowers and fruits, but realized that the plant didn’t help me to attain my silly goal of becoming rich anyways.

So in the end I have zero dollars and zero cents, but I still feel satisfied by the fact that the tree is healthy and baring fruit. I did not receive what I wanted, but something better happened. I was able to put life back into a dying tree.

Success is more than becoming rich. 

Note: Apparently, the fruit is poisonous if not prepared correctly before consumption.


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