Connected Together

School wasn’t designed to be a walk in the park, and every student has had a moment where they just want to give up, stay home, and forget about homework. There are days when procrastination seems to be the only way to stay sane because forcing yourself to actually do homework right after school is just impossible.

Last year, there were days when I gave up. Days when woke up thinking,

Do I have to go to school today?

There was days where I told my dad to call into the attendance office to make up an excuse like “the car broke down” or “she’s feeling under the weather ” so that I could miss a few periods or the whole day of school. I used the car excuse so many times that the lady sitting at the front office began to question if the car was actually breaking down so many times in a month.

The real question is

Why am I still taking AP classes if it’s so stressful for me?

I’ve given this question some thought and have realized that it not that I enjoy making my life miserable, but because I like the atmosphere of those classes. Everyone tries their best. Everyone is suffering. Everyone wants to give up at some point. This means that there is also a connection between everyone. No one is fighting by themselves, because we are all trying to help each other get through the year. I love these stressful classes because I find myself getting to know my classmates better. We all end up understanding each other’s stressful lives.

It’s always better to work together to get through these classes because the class is more like a team trying to advance their knowledge or skill in certain subjects. I realized this during a biology exercise on proteins. Our class chose to merge the individual parts of the protein together to from one large protein with everyone’s pieces intertwined. Not everyone knew each other yet, but we already showed in a symbolic manner that we were going to survive AP biology together as a connect team just like the way the protein is bonded together to work as a cohesive unit.


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