Words are just word. We are the ones who give it meaning.

Have you ever though of a specific word for too long. To the point where it loses its meaning. And you begin wondering what is means. And you begin to wonder why the word ever had meaning to you. If it is a word at all. It could be any word.

Like food you eat too often, it loses its yum and tasty. Words are the same. When you think of a word for too long, it loses it spark and becomes just another set of letters or a combinations of sounds mesh together to represent an object that has nothing to do with those letters and syllables that we rely on so much to describe our surroundings.

This phenomenon actually has a name for it. It’s called semantic satiation. In short, when I word is constantly repeated in our minds, the brain forgets about what the word immediately represent, and begins to think about why the word is used to represent a certain object. Words are just an imperfect system used by us to express what we see and what we feel.


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