Breaking Down Walls

     It’s almost Christmas, so I decided to look at old Christmas cards that my family received in the past. I came across one from a couple living in Ohio. I decided to open it and read the insides. I opens up the envelope, and read a short message in the  I realized that these people also knew me since my name was also mentioned in the card. I also noticed that there was another small envelope placed inside the card.

     At this point, I was extremely curious as to what was inside the small envelope. So I opened it to reveal a crinkled orange yellow paper. It had Vietnamese words on it with the number 500 printed in the corners of the piece.

     It was a curious find, so I went to my mom to ask about the bill. She told me that is was just money from the time when she was a young girl in Vietnam. I then asked her why it was sent to us from an American couple from Ohio. To this, she told me to ask my dad about them since they were the ones who sponsored my dad’s side of the family to America. 

     I went to my dad with the bill in hand, and he told me about his immigration from Vietnam to Ohio. About the family that kindly supported him and his siblings by sending them to school until they could find work and support themselves. These people were amazing. They are life changers. The couple had no idea about who they were helping, but still reached their hands out to my dad. My dad said he gave them the 500 because when they first met each other face to face, the couple was curious as to what Vietnamese money looked like. My dad also received an American dollar bill. By this small exchange, to strangers from different walks of life were able to slowly break down cultural barriers despite not being able to communicate with words yet. 

     Today in America, racism is so prominent. There are protests, break outs of violence, bullying, and exclusion groups in America. These headlines seen daily plastered all over the computer, phone, and television screens every time the news is turned on. 

There needs to be more acceptance. And if you cannot accept everyone, then at least be tolerant towards each other. We are all humans, and every human has an equal amount of dignity. None are superior. None are inferior. All are unique.


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