Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 

Yesterday: No Name

     Winter white hamster. That’s what I wanted. I have been asking my mom and dad for a pet, and have decided you get a drawf hamster because the internet said it didn’t need much space. Mine is white and grey with and black line running down its back. No name yet. Not until I’m sure it won’t die. Maybe a month from now I’ll have something to call it by. I need to tame it my dad said. But gaining the trust of an animal is not easy. Especially when it uses its temper to make up for its size.

Today: Spaghetti 

     My mom doesn’t understand spaghetti. She buys pasta sauce in cans and the long pasta noodles, but can’t put it together right. 

     Today, I made a plate of spaghetti for myself. She tried to help, but I immediately refused it. All I wanted was spaghetti that wasn’t too watery. Spaghetti with a sauce that hugged the pasta. Her spaghetti, it was almost like tomato soup with long strands of pasta floating around. 

     She looked sad but happy when I told her I was going to make the meal all by myself. Sad because she just realized how much I hated her tomato soup, but happy as any mother should be when her child begins to become independent.

Tomorrow: Mommy

     My mom never lets me sleep in. She wakes up at six and at eight, I am forced to get out of bed to help her start the laundry. I dread staying home with her because there is no sleeping in, but I still love her. Waking me up early is a good way to make me accomplish more in a day and spend more time with her. 

     School just takes up too much of a students life. I only get to spend a few hours each day with her before we close our eyes to go to sleep. On weekends, she has the chance to talk to me, so we rise up early to enjoy each other’s company even though seeing each other shouldn’t be something we have too schedule. 



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