Recently, my parents bought me a hamster, and now that she is no longer hostile with me, I’ve decided to name her Tofu because I like eating fried tofu and it feels right to call her that. I spent the entire week after Veterans Day trying to hand feed her and get close to her. Now, she feels no fear at all climbing onto my hand and eating a sunflower (Tofu is addicted to eating them). 

     After a few days, of handling her, I realized that she had a limp when walking, so I gave her some seeds from her food mixing to settle her down and take a closer look at her. I realized that she was missing her right foot. 😥 

     Despite missing a limb, she is still active. She runs on her wheel and stand on her one hind leg and one nub when I come close to her cage. I honestly love her more now that I realized how hard it must have been for her to live at the pet store among other hamster who probably dominated her. (I chose her because she was the smallest amount her siblings) As of now she is healthy and I hope she will stay that way for her lifespan.

You can see her nub when she’s on the red platform of her house and when she is climbing onto her roof.


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