There was a time when I asked my mom what she would do if she was a woman whose husband cheated on her. We were setting the plates on the table to begin our Saturday morning breakfast, and there is always something different about Saturday mornings. It is a time when my dad is absent from the house while both my mother and I are at home alone. This means that conversations are open to even the most taboo topics.

That morning, I was feeling particularly curious, and took the initiative to say,

“What would you if daddy cheated on you?”

After slipping the question, I immediately regretted it, my curiosity got the better part of me, and was going to spoil my entire Saturday.

Instead of reacting the way I expected, my mom just flat out told me,

“I would still stay with him as a good wife.”

First of all, my mom didn’t become angered or lash out at me. She kept her cool and gave me a simple answer. Second, I was so surprised at the fact that she would try to forget her resentment, and continue to live a peaceful life with her family. I asked her why she would ever torture herself just for the sake of keeping a calm house, and she told me that once there are children in the family, then nothing else should matter more than the children. I knew she was referring to my own happiness since I am an only child.

She was willing to sacrifice her happiness for my own. I was fine for her life to be a living hell, but she would never let anything hurt me. She used to tell me,

“When you are in pain, I feel 10 times your pain.”

I love her so much, but no matter how much I love her, I will never equal the amount of love that she has given me.


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